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Knowledgebase provides detailed step by step instructions with screenshots for all features and also integrates with contextual help within the software.


Unlimited access to Video Trainings and Demos will get you off to a fast start. You can learn at your own pace and access the Videos within the software.


Quick Start Guide gives you a clear roadmap to get you up and running quickly on your own - making implementation easy and smooth.


Get answers to your questions fast via email support and online ticket system. We ensure timely resolution of all inquiries for Pro account users.


How does pricing work?

Buildshop offers package pricing based upon a user base, so let’s say you have 4 employees plus yourself, you would want to purchase the 5-users package for $99.00 per month if you pay annually and $129.00 per month if you pay month-to-month. This package includes unlimited customers, vendors and projects – you will always have unlimited projects in Buildshop.

What package should we select?

We build 3 custom homes per year and do about 20 remodels every year.

You can select either the Remodeler package or the Home Builder package. Both are the same and will suit your needs. If you would like to be viewed as a Home Builder that remodels, select the Home Builder package; if you want to be viewed as a Remodeler that builds homes on occasion, then select the Remodeler package.

How will I get training and support?

Our Help section gives you access to training videos for all features, a quick-start guide, and a web and mobile knowledge base for each feature.

The Quick Start Guide gives a roadmap for a seamless on-boarding and learning experience.

If you have any questions or issues that need resolution, you can send us an email, and we will get back to you quickly with a resolution.

How do I pay for the Pro version and get started?

1. Go to www.buildshop.com

2. Sign up with an email that you want to use for the software and confirm account

3. Once you are in the software just click upgrade, select a package and users and pay

4. It’s that easy,

5. You can even start using it right away after you upgrade; just review the quick start guide in the help section first for a smoother onboarding.

Do you offer a free trial for the Pro version of the Software?

We do not offer a free trial for the Pro version of the software. However, you can sign up for the free version of the software that will give you access to the limited features. To get a better feel for the Pro version full functionality, you always have an option to sign up for 69.99/month 2 users account, this will give you full access to all of the features with unlimited projects, unlimited customers and unlimited vendors for a month. And if you want to continue to use the software beyond one month you can continue the monthly subscription for as long as you need.

Can I back up and export my data out of Buildshop?

 If you use Buildshop on consistent basis, you will love the results you will get in terms saving time and money for your business. However, for any reason - your needs change and you no longer want to use the software, you can export the data out of Buildshop at any time. Buildshop allows you to export data in a variety of formats, Excel, Word, and PDF.  You can export and save data for all key features as frequently as you want on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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