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Organize all of your ideas

Get prepared to hire a contractor

Budget and track expenses plus more...

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Get a quick summary of your project, photos, To-Do List items, project budget and more...


The checklist will guide you through the process of planning you project and preparing to hire a contractor.


Budget you project, log your expenses, always know where you are at.

1. Forecast and budget your project.
2. Track expenses


Organize all design ideas for your project in one place, use the gallery or upload your own photos.


Search for pros, share drawings photos and ideas to assist in getting the most accurate quotes possible


Log and compare quotes, references and important information that will assist you in selecting the right contractor.


Keep a list of all contacts related to your project in one place, this also integrates with pros feature.

To Do List

Create to do list items to help you get important things done on time.


Keep a project scrapbook from beginning to end, pre-construction, construction and post construction


Keep all of your project drawings stored in one place.


Keep open communication with the message tool, you can message any contractor that uses Buildshop.

Free Home Owner Software for Building and Remodeling

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