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Software for Remodeling Contractors

Buildshop offers remodeling software for Remodelers of all types, kitchen, bath, additions, basement, tenant finish, etc. Estimate, schedule, create change orders, invoices and more.



Our Remodeling Contractors software dashboard will give you a high-level view of your project at a glance.

1. Track messages, to-do-list items and tasks
2. Quickly see if your project is on budget
3. Find outstanding items

Dashboard for Remodeling Software

Messaging for Remodeling Contractors


Our Remodeling Contractors message tool will help you collaborate with customers, subs and colleagues quickly and easily. Anyone that has the app installed can participate in messages, it syncs with web, phone and tablet.

1. Keep everyone in the loop
2. Everyone can participate – subs, customers and colleagues
3. Free to install and use


Remodeling Contractors can quickly and easily create estimates with the estimating software feature, you can use the estimate builder, or create estimates from scratch. Once you have created a new estimate, you can share with it your team, covert your estimate into the budget and of course you can save the estimate as a template to reuse later for similar future projects, saving you both time and money.

Estimating Software for Remodeling Contractors

Budget and Expense Software for Remodeling Contractors


Remodeling Contractors can create a budget with the budgeting software, create a budget from scratch or turn your estimate into the project budget; you can track expenses to quickly and easily reconcile your project budget.

1. Forecast and budget your project
2. Track expenses
3. Find areas to improve


Remodeling Contractors can easily schedule resources with our scheduling software, avoid scheduling conflicts, share schedule with clients, subs and team.

1. Schedule from templates
2. Avoid scheduling conflicts
3. Share easily from any device

Scheduling Software for Remodeling Contractors

Selection Software for Remodeling Contractors


Our selections tool will allow your customer to choose from products and services for the project. Once your client makes a selection and approves the selection, a change order is automatically created and the project total is adjusted.

To Do List

To-Do Lists are essential for the success of a project, you can easily create To-Do Lists, share the lists with employees and assign tasks.

1. Increase productivity
2. Assign and track tasks
3. Share with project managers, coordinators and employees

To-Do-List Software for Remodeling Contractors

Change Order  Software for Remodeling Contractors

Change Orders

Change Orders are an important part of any construction project, walls get moved and rooms get added, now you can easily increase profits and track change orders from any device. Web, phone or tablet.

1. Track Change Orders
2. Get approval from web or mobile devices
3. Automatically updates project totals


Share drawings with clients, employees and subs, drag and drop, send out bid invitations. Your clients can access drawings from the Client Portal, and your subs can access them from the Bid Center.

1. Drag and drop, easy to upload
2. Share with client and subs
3. Keep drawings in one place

Blueprint and Drawing Collaboration Software for Remodeling Contractors

Document Management Software for Remodeling Contractors

Document Manager

Remodeling Contractors can easily store all documents for a given project, share documents that you choose to share with your client in the client folder, create and organize all project files and folders in a one place.

1. Access from the cloud
2. Store documents on project to project basis
3. Documents organized in one place

Punch List

Remodeling Contractors punch list feature allows you to create punch lists from any device web or mobile. You can set tasks due date and organize by status.

1. Create punch list from the field
2. Assign tasks to subs or employees
3. Organize by status and due date

Punchlist Software for Remodeling Contractors

Warranty  Software for Remodeling Contractors


Remodeling Contractors Warranty feature allows you to create and manage warranties, you can assign warranty service and work orders to sub contractors that both you and your clients will be able to track.

1. Create warranties for approval with terms and duration
2. Assign warranty work orders to subs or employees
3. Manage status and attach actual service documents

Time Sheet

Buildshop Timesheet feature makes it easy to plan, manage and track employee time. Improve project visibility, track regular time, drive time, personal time-off and overtime for your resources.

1. Track and manage time
2. Track clock in/out locations
3. Approve timesheets

Timesheet  Software for Remodeling Contractors

Plus More

Vehicle Management Software for Remodeling Contractors
Fule Log for Remodeling Contractors
Map Routing Software for Remodeling Contractors
Route Tracking Software for Remodeling Contractors

Invoicing Software for Remodeling Contractors
Purchase Order  Software for Remodeling Contractors
Photo Management Software for Remodeling Contractors
Material Software for Remodeling Contractors

One Application All Platforms

Web and Mobile Software for Remodeling Contractors


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