Field Service Management software

Buildshop offers field service management software for service companies of all types, dispatch, invoice, inventory, documents, photos, timesheet and more...


Our field management software dashboard will give you a high level view of your project at a glance.

1. Track messages, to do list items and tasks
2. Quickly see if your project is on budget
3. Find outstanding items


Our Service and tradesmen message tool will help you collaborate with customers, subs and colleagues quickly and easily. Anybody that has the app installed can participate in messages, it synchs with web, phone and tablet.

1. Keep everyone in the loop.
2. Everyone can participate subs customers and collegues.
3. Free to install and use.

Service Requests

Log all of the details for each service request, you will be able to assign, schedule and track each service request that comes in.

Schedule Service

Scheduling service requests are easy with our drag and drop interface, once a new service request comes in, they will be placed in a queue you can then assign the request to the next available tradesman.


Once you have assigned all service requests, we will plot the best route saving your company money and optimizing your company's time.


Buildshop's quoting system will make it easy for your service men to generate a quote from scratch or reusable template from a similar past project.


Service Invoicing will make it easy for your service men to submit an invoice on demand when needed. Buildshop easy way to manage your invoicing. Create, track, and send invoices online or with mobile devices.

Manage Vehicles

Manage and assign service vehicles, log mileage and track expenses, works great for one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.

Fuel Tracker

Track all fuel expenses for each vehicle in your fleet, reduce waste and improve profits.

Mileage Logs

Track your miles easily and efficiently, access and record your mileage from anywhere.

Time Sheet

Buildshop Timesheet , makes it easy to plan, manage, and report on employee time. Improve project visibility, track regular time, drivetime Personal time off and overtime.

1. Track and manage time.
2. Track time in/out locations
3. Approve timesheets

Plus More

  • Budget
  • Expense Log
  • Route tracking
  • Materials
  • Quote Builder
  • To Do Lists
  • Photos
  • Networking

Buildshop Field 360 Overview and Demo

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