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Cloud software for home builders, commercial contractors, designers, tradesman, and construction professionals, our cloud software will help you estimate, budget, schedule, track project progress plus much more... $45.00 per month for the first user $10.00 for each additional user, unlimited projects, unlimited customers. No set up fee. Our Apps for phone and tablets were designed specifically for the field.

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  • Construction Management Software for Home Builders

    Our Home builder’s software addresses all of the unique challenges that a home builder faces, we have organized our software around the home building process in way that is easy and understandable for home builders of all types even custom home builders that are just entering the market. Our software system helps home builders improve closing, increase profits, sell more changes orders and manage all phases of the construction process, estimating, scheduling and project management. Our expense log will help you budget and track all expenses while our financial section will help you reconcile, all expenses purchase orders and invoices, fully customizable to your numbering system. You will find the build shop to be smart and intuitive because the build shop was developed by builders.

    Our Home Builder Software is the most comprehensive on the market.

  • And we are in the cloud.

    Cloud software and computing has become an important aspect of businesses of all types, but it is more relevant to home builders and contractors than any other business. Our cloud software will get your customers involved immediately with the design process, give them the ability to authorize change orders and share selections. You will be able to communicate with clients. Project managers, project coordinators, architects, engineers, designers and sub-contractors like never before. You will reduce paperwork and organize items and tasks in a way that is easy to access and easier to find on a per project basis. The build shop allows you to have full control and full access with our cloud software twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • And we are mobile.

    Our cloud and mobile home builders software go hand in hand, with the invention of the iPhone, iPad, smart phones and tablets it is essential that you have cloud software, with our mobile construction software your project managers can enter project and daily logs on the fly, they can upload photos and get everyone involved with the click of a button, all features of our home builder software are available on the iPad and tablets and the most practical ones are available on the iPhone and smart phones. If you are taking on home building projects The Build Shop is a must sign up today and start using our mobile construction software now

  • Our Commecial Construction Software is just as good as the home builders version

    Our Commercial Contractors software, will help commercial contractors stay on budget, on schedule, increase productivity and profits. Our selections and options tools will allow your clients to select equipment fixtures, textiles and services, helping your company grow to be more organized, successful and profitable. Our commercial construction software is state of the art and highly customizable, Estimating, scheduling and work plans can be create from templates saving you time and money, get subs involved with the process through the bid center, improve communication with contacts, rfi's, meeting, and work plans. Plus much more... Our software for contractors that specialized in tenant finish or commercial construction is a must have. Sign Up Today
    Commercial Contractors Cloud computing software is a must in today’s competitive market, you will enjoy all of the features of our software on your tablets, and the most practical one on you smart phones.

  • Our Remodeling Contractors Software is also in the cloud and mobile

    Our software for remodeling contractors will help your remodel business be more organized and successful, you will benefit from all of the powerful web based, cloud and mobile software tools that the home builders and commercial contractors use. although your construction projects are on a smaller scale you still deal with the same challenges, scheduling subs, organizing selections, putting together thorough and accurate proposals, and communication with clients, subs and professionals. Sign up today and start using our software for remodelers today

  • Estimate, Schedule, Plan from templates... It doesnt get any Easier

    Whether your looking for commercial construction software, home builder software, remodeling software, or tradesmen software, Buildshop will help you create more accurate estimates faster and more efficiently, you can create estimates from templates, custom items or with our estimate builder, you can easily share with colleagues or clients, our estimating tools for contractors are powerful and easy to use. Our scheduling software is smart and intuitive, with drag and drop functionality, you will be able to create and modify schedules in minutes, instead of days. Sign up today to start using constructions most powerful and easy to use estimating and scheduling systems.

    Track Bids, Invoices, Purchase Orders... Always accessible and easy to find.

    Organizing bids, creating invoices and purchase orders has never been easier, our contractors bid center, will allow you to put projects out for bidding and to organize bids as they come in, if you company builds estimates from bids you will not find a more powerful tool on the market. Invoicing and purchase orders are one of the most important aspects of construction, you will be able to create and share both purchase orders and invoices with the click of a button. Sign up today and start using of the build shop's powerful tools.

  • Styles, Selections, Idea Gallery... Your clients will love it

    Your clients will love the Idea Gallery, Style and Selections tools, these are powerful tools to help you create more accurate bids, upsell and obtain future business. These powerful tools will give you a competitive advantage, and help you increase profits on every project.

    Communication - Contacts Messaging, RFI's Meetings Reports... Powerful and Direct

    You will improve communication with all of The Build Shop's communication tools, contacts, messaging, rfi's, meetings, reports, selections, change orders and punch lists. Sign Up with thebuildshop today.

  • Manage - Projects, Subs and Clients... Take complete control

    The Build Shop's Construction management software will allow you to share information with subs, clients and financial institutes, your clients will enjoy the easy to use and informative interface that will keep them informed of the project total schedule, view photos and make selections, this tool will help you increase profits. Financial institutes can login and view progress, schedule, change orders, totals and payments, this is a great tool to help keep the progress payments coming. Sign up today and start using thebuildshop.com now

    Logs - Project, Daily, Quality Control, Vehicle Mileage

    If organization is the key to success, then you must log everything, we can help you keep track of daily logs, project logs, quality control logs and vehicle mileage logs. Get organized stay organized, and become more profitable with thebuildshop.com today

    The Build Shop is Quite Simply the best construction software on the market today

    The Build Shop's software solutions for estimating, scheduling, and construction management has all of the tools to help you company grow and be successful, we have addressed all areas of the construction process and now you have them at your fingertips, you will no longer have to have multiple software solutions to manage your business. Wait no longer, sign up today, and start using thebuildshop today

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